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Advo Support was founded by Mr. BHAGWAT PRASAD CHANDRAS to provide timely legal, procedural and technical information and professionally drafted and execution of legal documents at an affordable price to customers from the comfort of their homes since 1979 ,often the absence of legal documents or unprofessionally drafted deeds, due to lack of information or to save on legal costs leads to costly litigation at a later date. Legal advisor is one stop ,hassle free, affordable legal services website aimed for preventing litigation for you and your family in the future.

And unlike agencies, legal advisor warns you about what could go wrong and what steps to take to avoid delays and problems. So,legal advisor helps you as a friend with best efforts.
We are also provide free online advice. If you need any advice please contact us or mail us at

Civil Lawyer:

Civil law could be a system inspired by Advo Support, the key side of that is that laws are written into a group, written and not determined as is common law, by judges. We offer data concerning civil law and conjointly provide civil lawyers with extremely tough for all kind of civil cases. A professional United Nations agency concentrate on civil law is thought as a civil professional. Civil law has numerous fields with business laws, business laws, holding laws, family laws, personal injury laws, probate laws, property laws, tax laws, etc. Civil law could be a subdivision of law handling disputes between people and organizations, during which recompense is also awarded to the victim. A civil professional not solely represents the consumer during a due process of law however conjointly provides legal recommendation to the consumer in civil dealings. Civil proceeding arises once there's a lawful conflict between 2 or additional parties that demand for monetary recompense or some precise performance instead of criminal sanction.

What is Advo Support (Legal Advisors) :

A Legal advisors is usually a attorney or alternative kind of law skilled UN agency ar used or employed by giant firms or organizations to produce legal help and services to each the organization and its workers.

Quality of good Legal Advisors :

A legal adviser ought to :
- be honest and have integrity.
- suppose analytically and rationally.
- be objective.
- have wonderful communication skills, each verbal and written.
- have discretion, diplomacy and consideration.
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