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Divorce/Matrimonial Law

Indian Divorce Act 1869

There are provisions regarding the marriage solemnlized between the Hindu male and female resolution of marriage , nullity of marriage , judicial saperation custody of children born with the co-habitation spouse with each other. It also provides the provisions of remarriage and other provisions regarding settlement of wife's property damages and costs , from adulterer.

Hindu Marriage Act 1955

The It provides the rules and regulation in between spouse and born the children from their co-habitation.

A man who is competent to make a contract and is a Hindu may solemnised marriage with a female. Both should be either unmarried or widow (female) or widower (male) under this act there are provisions for seperation between the spouse. Either party may move divorce petition on the grounds mentaioned in the act . During the pendency of petition the either party may apply to the court to award legal expenses and monthly maintainance and
also maintainance upto remarriage . The rights and duties with each other and towards their children.
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